Friday, May 26, 2006

After a rainy day

Yesterday, after it had been raining almost all day, the evening atmosphere looked incredibly clean, the sun was bright and low, so I took the camera on our walk to see if it could capture that brightness.

Our port mirror-like, a complete contrast with the river a few hundred metres further on.

The light gives the water of the river an unusual dark glassiness.

The river traffic surveillance post looking like it was painted only yesterday.

Arrival of the water taxi.

Subject of this picture is not the modern-city scene, but the light itself.
Val's leg magically disappeared from this picture.

So can my camera capture the brightness of the evening light? I think it can!
Photos: Koos Fernhout


VallyP said...

Lovely Koosje! It truly reflects how beautiful the evening really was.

Dale said...

Dear Koos

There is nothing like sun in the evening after a day of cloud & rain. The air being clear & crisp - I knew exactly how the photos were going to look from your beautiful description, Koos!

It's interesting how water can change in an instant & how it affects the mood.
Our mountains change from minute to minute, too.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Dutch evening with us!

Devil Dales

gypsy noir said...

i never realized till recently how much a part lighting plays in a good photo..your pics look like postcards...that was a compliment meaning they look so professional...

Dale said...

I see Sindy got all her legs in the bottom photo & Val only got one in?

Anne-Marie said...

Lovely pictures, Koos. I like the way the light dances on the water.

Have a great weekend!


Jodie said...

Love the last shot Papa! Gorgeous lighting.... pity about the attention seeking mut :) teehee


elizabeth solaka said...

Amazing light. Thanks for sharing.
xxo, E

elizabeth solaka said...

Koos, you are a great photographer. I enjoy looking at the beautiful ships/water.
It's Fleet Week here in New York. Seems like it's always fleet week where you are.
Thanks for the photos. I just noticed the yellow one!

Koos F said...

Thanks so much, VallyP, Dale(s), Gypsy Noir, Anne-Marie, Jodie, Elizabeth (no boys this time)

I really feel this is sharing things that I cherish, and it goes further than what one can do in real life. Imagine me trying to get neighbours to be interested in the wonders of Pete Townshend / The Who. I try that sometimes and it does not work, they are not waiting for a preacher to convert them.
How different is it to be in contact whith bloggers all over the world. It seems we automatically gravitate towards each others' interests. It does not replace other forms of human contact, but what an amazing complement it is.
I am grateful for the opportunity.


ian gordon said...

Very beautiful.

I was hoping you might find time to look at a picture on my latest post and see if the address there makes any sense to you. It is a Dutch address, and maybe makes more sense to your practised eye than mine.

"Angeldust" said...

Automcatic gravitation...or "fate"?
Regardles, indeed it is wonderful to be in touch with like-minded people and not only share but also learn.

I had the same thoughts after seeing your blog. It looks like you and yours are "living my dream lifestyle".
Wonderful photos.
Thank you for sharing.
(My neigbours and friends are also from Holland and at the moment they got a brother visiting... quiet a few Dutch around here.
Our flower shops are full of your wonderful flowers!)

Thank you for sharing,
visiting my blog and your kind words.

Suesjoy said...

Awesome pictures koos!
I want to go back to the Netherlands...soon!
I love it there.
Thanks for sharing these.
Take care,
Sue D.

PS I love the Manchestah Magic Bus.
(That's how they say Manchester there!).