Friday, June 02, 2006

Must publish this Now

Two pictures, taken this very Friday evening, when the late sunlight peeked through the gap between the apartment block and the cube houses, bathing our barges in a wonderful flattering light.
It was just before 9 pm; I had delivered the shopping on VallyP's barge and hurried back to the quayside to take the pictures.

The barge with the red rim around the bum is my Luxor. Val's barge, Vereeniging is hidden behind the Luxor.

Here is our neighbour Nico's sailing clipper (paintwork in progress).

Now it is just after 10 pm the same evening.
Long live digital photography, the internet and Apple computers.
Soon to be published: an article about my 12-string Eko guitar.


VallyP said...

Ho ho glad to see I get a mention too! Shame you can't see me, but a rare and beautiful sight there, Skipper!

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Been faring at the same moment with my girlfriend Katinka on our small canal tourboat (De Opwaarts)at the same time.
We brought a bottle of wine. Less sun over here though compared to Rotterdam. But it remains nice to be on the water.

Koos F said...

A small canal tourboat, a bottle of wine, a quiet evening around an old fortified place, all this shared with a classy Dutch woman, what more can a man want?
Gefeliciteerd Erik-Jan en Katinka.

Anne-Marie said...

What lovely pictures, Koos. I can't wait to see the barges for real.

Have a lovely weekend.


Barry said...

Very nice pics indeed and praise to digital photography :-)

Jodie said...

I love that first shot Koos! Absolutley stunning!

Barry was busy again today as well. He's gone and bought a new filter for our baby... nice results!

Dale said...

Dear Koos

Oh, how I love the late evening sun!

I also love the old buildings shaping your horizon!
There are no historic, so to speak, buildings around here. I do miss that aspect of Montreal, where massive stone walls & green copper roofing go hand in hand.

You have a certain magic with the shutter, Koos!


Dale said...

Oh & by the way, if Val is unable to lend me her bilge pump, may I borrow yours?

Our basement requires a wee bit of bailing out...

Koos F said...

Hi Dale
As a result of bad logistics I have a bilge pump to spare. Your Canadian 60Hz won't be a problem, the 110 Volt may pose a complication, mine was designed for 220. Changing the connectors is a minor issue...

Oh how serious.

Thanks for your comment on the light. That nifty little camera has a hungry eye. I only need to follow - well, sort of.

Anne-Marie said...

Check out Pete's blog. It's back on!


elizabeth solaka said...

What a nice time of year where you are. Beautiful light. Interesting bridge.
Always enjoying your photos, Elizabeth

VallyP said...

Hey, Koosje, I was up till the wee hours finishing another chapter. I'm afraid Anne Marie has beaten you to it, but as always, your opinion is my guide....waiting...

Every time I see these photos, I catch my breath - even tho it's my world too!