Sunday, June 18, 2006

Get the engine going

The first years I owned my barge Luxor, I gave attention to all sorts of things but only minimal work was done on the engine. To be honest I lacked the confidence and the energy to make the necessary improvements. To make a long story short, a few days of work transformed a tired old engine to a spunky little thing that is expected to take me all the way to western Belgium the end of next week.
I thought some of you might like to see how I start this 25 hp 4-stroke 2-cylinder diesel manually - It has an electric starter too.

Samofa Diesel Engine


gypsy noir said...

wow! koos that was amazing got a lovely sound...and i must say your looking pretty dapper..and a big cuddle and kiss for you for my birhtday tribute aswell as val...thankyou so much...xxxx....

elena said...

Hola Koos!!!!

I love the engine sound too, hehe, you did a good job!!
I'm very glad that you liked the photos from's a wonderful city, you and Val have to come to visit me..:):)..
I'm supposed to go to Russia this summer, I'm visiting Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but we haven't booked anything yet....I'm looking forward to it...thanks for the link, wonderful photos!!



Koos F said...

Thanks Gypsy
See how many kisses come in through this channel! Life is worth living that way. ;-)

It was great fun assembling that image for you. Val set up the plan and delivered most of the material, I know my way around in Photoshop.
So we did both what we are good at.

Hi Elena
Wouldn't that be lovely, a visit to you in Madrid! But first you're off to Russia! Have you flown over it using Earth Google? Very detailed!
I have put the link to the boat lift on my blog. It took me years to find pictures of it and I am by no means disappointed: what an amazing piece of engineering!

Oh and... Dali knew how to paint a rose, didn't he? Beautiful!

gypsy noir said...

you are both exellent at what you do and with such love too...i do feel the is good with people like you and val in it..xx...

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I too loved the sound of the engine coming to life. And the hat is very spiffy.


Koos F said...

Hi Anne-Marie
The hat is very necessary these days, what with the heat, I would have the perspiration in my eyes all the time!

(Not transpiration says Val, that's Dutch - or French if you like.)

The hat's design is very good for my skippper's image ;-)

BallerinaGurl said...

Wow that was fascinating Koos! I really enjoy watching shows and reading about how things work. You are a man of many talents and how cool to live on a barge. I must see it one day as I have said in the past. It seem like a very romantic type of living. Does the engine sound lul you to sleep I ask?


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Wonderfull that is for shure.
Is this
Luxor's original engine or did it replace an earlier one?

Koos F said...

Hi Erik-Jan
Quite surely the original engine was a Kromhout 1 cylinder hot bulb engine (year 1920), quite like Val's Industrie.
Samofa is a post-second world war product.
Still the right kind of sound for a barge like this - and very economical.
Glad you like it!

Dale said...

Hi Koos

So you were able to tweak the engine after all!

I got a kick out of the photo, you & your favourite diesel guzzler.

Unfortunately I can't see the Quicktime movie.
You know the sorry computer details.
I'll try it at work!


Koos F said...

Yes Dale, my engine even gave up smoking! except for the first 15 minutes, like all diesel engines.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

That's quite the process, there - so interesting to watch! I agree with Anne Marie in that it's so satisfying to hear something like that come to life. Oh, and I also agree with her opinion of your hat! :)

Thanks for coming to my blog! I left a response to your comments on there. :)

Dale said...

Koos, thank God I heard from her.
She is safe, but not home...

Thank You


Dale said...

Koos, you are such a sweet man!

I am proud call you my friend.

Thank You!