Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Off the blog for a while

Dear Friends,
I expect the time is very near that I'll be on line wherever I go, but for the moment sailing away - today - means no contact with my blogging friends.
Take care, I'll give a shout when I'm back!


James Casey said...

If you're not back soon, we'll come looking for you. There's a battered old rowing boat on the Thames fifteen minutes from my home - I'll find myself a Jolly Roger and set out with that. Must remember stores of biscuits and limes. And fifty cannon. No, maybe five. Fifty might sink the boat.

And I shall name my flagship... The Seeker.

Renate said...

Have fun, Koos!!

Je hebt alleen niet echt het goede weer uitgekozen he ;)

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
So where are you sailing/faring to.
Let me know if you are in the area...but I guess you are going south, Belgium??. Is Val with you? Anyway, enjoy. When do you expect to be back. High time for me to go to Rotterdam by then.

ian gordon said...

Happy Trails, Koos.

Anne-Marie said...

Have a grand time, Koos. We will look forward to hearing it about it when you come back.


Anthonetta said...

Hi Koos,
at 12.30 today I heard a beautiful motorsound, I ran to the steering-hut and saw you come by, as you know already by now I took some pictures.I put them on my blog so Anyone who wants to see Koos sail away, whit his Luxor, such a nice sight
Look om our blog,


Dale said...

Have a lovely weekend on the... water... Koos and Val!

Keep the bottom side down!


gypsy noir said...

(Tony Hatch / Les Reed)

Josh MacRae - 1962
Danny Kyle - 1998

When the weather is fine you know it's the time
For messin' about on the river
If you take my advice there's nothing so nice
As messin' about on the river
There's big boats and wee boats ands all kinds of craft
Puffers and keel boats and some with no raft
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the river

There are boats made from kits that'll reach you in bits
For messin' about on the river
And you might want to skull in a glass fibred hull
Go messin' about on the river
Anchors and tillers and rudders and cleets
Ropes that are sometimes referred to as sheets
With the wind in your face there's no finer place
Than messin' about on the river

Skippers and mates and rowing club eights
All messin' about on the river
Capstans and quays where you tie up with ease
All messin' about on the river
Outboards and inboards and dinghies you sail
The first thing you learn is the right way to bale
In a one man canoe you're both skipper and crew
Messin' about on the river

Moorings and docks, tailors and locks
All messin' about on the river
Whirlpools and weirs that you must not go near
Messin' about on the river
Backwater places all hidden from view
Mysterious wee islands just waiting for you
So I'll leave you right now, go cast off your bow
Go messing about on the river
have fun you and val..xxxx....

elena said...

Have fun Koos!!! We'll miss you!!!

Metalchick said...

Hi Koos,
Have fun! Will be back to hear all about it.
Take care.

ernie said...

have a lot of fun, wherever you're going!!

Greets Elke!

PTfan said...

Hi Koos! I've been very busy. And when I finally come on over to your blog, you're gone. Well have a wonderful time!!!!

Marietta said...

There is nothing better than sailing away.
Have lots of fun,
wish I could be sailing with you and Val...


Suesjoy said...

Hi Koos-
Hope you are having fun!
Take care and be well,
Sue D.xxoo

gypsy noir said...

welcome home koos..x..

Anne-Marie said...

Welcome home, Koos! I hope you had a grand time!


BallerinaGurl said...

Give Anne-Marie a hug for me when you meet! Have a lovely journey. You will be missed!


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
No shout yet! Still on the move?

Koos F said...

Not yet my friends!
The holidays are over, I am at home (on board), but on board has not arrived at its regular mooring yet.