Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eins, zwei, drei... Roger Waters

"So ya
Thought ya
Might like to go to the show." ( The Wall, In The Flesh?)

Mr Waters knows how to give a concert an impressive opening. He did so Saturday night at an open air concert in Lichtenvoorde, a rural place in Holland near the German border. My nephew Lammert, my sister's son, and I were among several thousands of lucky ones to attend. It was an open air festival with several other big names like Ray Davies, Deep Purple and Def Leppard.

* Roger Waters - Bass
* Andy Fairweather-Low - Guitars & Vocal (I saw him with a very rare 1966 Vox Guitar Organ part of the show!)
* Snowy White - Guitars
* Dave Kilminster - Guitars
* Graham Broad - Drums
* Jon Carin - Keyboards
* Harry Waters - Keyboards & Organ
* Ian Ritchie - Saxophone
* Katie Kisssoon - Backing Vocals
* PP Arnold - Backing Vocals
* Carol Kenyon - Backing Vocals

Those who have seen Waters's In The Flesh concert will know what to expect, because the line-up was very similar.

What was different was the choice of repertoire. It seems Roger Waters refused to play much of the old Pink Floyd repertoire after he left the group. Here we saw a radical change of direction: the majority of the songs were good old Pink Floyd material. Crowning it all was an integral performance of the Dark Side Of The Moon, played while behind us a real, huge full moon rose from between the trees - and that was not a special effect!

My distance to the stage was too far to even consider taking photos, but our dear friend Renate has quite a few on her blog, along with a really good review of the concert, and a link to more photos!


ian gordon said...

Good news that he's doing some Floyd. And so he should! It's as crazy as those years when McCartney refused to play his Beatles tracks. They wrote the stuff. If they can't play it who can? (You might have seen on my blog a clip of the "other two" Floyd guys doing Arnold Lane recently on TV!) Until only recently I was one of those idiots who kept saying "Oh it can't be Pink Floyd without Syd". But I've caught up on it all now, And Gilmour's album sounds great.

gypsy noir said...

wow! fantastic koos i have roger waters amused to death cd...i love the track with the old man talking about the war...he's a brilliant writer and performer ...good to hear the pink floyed stuff live i bet..

gypsy noir said...

oh was that radio waves hmmm thinking now...

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Sounds like it was a great night. Pink Floyd is one of the bands I truly regret not ever seeing live.


Koos F said...

Thanks for commenting! Remarkable you should say that about very early Pink Floyd. 2 of my relatives (son, nephew) have Set the controls for the heart of the sun as their fav PF track -and even that was after Syd left, correct me if I'm wrong.

Dave Gilmour's On an island came, saw and conquered. "David Gilmour On An Island Video Podcast", describing his floating studio on the Thames (another one!), did the trick.

Now you've caught me. I watched 'the other two' do Arnold Lane, but failed to leave a comment. Sorry.

Koos F said...

Hi Gypsy,

Good to hear Pink Floyd stuff live...
During Money the bells ans clocks came from 4 different directions - and we weren't even part of the main crowd!

I missed Amused to death, but it is easy to catch up thanks to iTunes.
And yes, I think Roger Waters ranks among the very best song writers ever.

Koos F said...

Hi Anne-Marie
I share that regret, because I think Pink Floyd are the best non-Who rock group ever.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Reminds me again of the concert I've seen in Berlin. The Wall in Berlin just after the wall came down. 700.000 people. Great!
Didn't know he was playing in Lichtenvoorde. How was Deep Purple?

Renate said...

Hi Koos,

Read your report too! It was a great concert and it was great to be there.

I missed the real full moon though :(


Koos F said...

Hi Renate,
Glad to see you in this neck of the woods!

I just went to see Roger Waters, nothing else, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that my pictures, taken at Lichtevoorde, travel around the Internet.

I liked the concert very much as wel.

Koos F said...

Hi Anonymous,
Thank you very much indeed!
although the honour of honouring your work goes to Renate primarily!!!
Don't know how exactly you feel about this, but I see it as a compliment when people 'quote' my pictures.

Anonymous said...


Renate asked me if she may use my pictures.
I enjoyed the day so much so how can i refuse.


gypsy noir said...

koos i did see pink floyed live back in 74 or 75 i think...i did a post about it in april the lone groover...but alas i have little memorie of the gig because of lack of sleep and some fine herb at the time...

Renate said...

Well Hans, I sure am happy you didn´t ;)

And again: I really love the pictures you made!!


Koos F said...

Hi Anonymous
Goes to show that Renate is a real Lady. She's almost family...

Renate said...

Ahhwww, how sweet of you to say!


Anonymous said...

Koos, how nice to make our experience into a story I can read back. Thanks! To me it was an event I will never forget, especially the music...the full moon...the weather...You...
Never mind missing pictures, I was there;-)

Thanks again,