Friday, September 22, 2006

Can't explain...

So what is it that fascinates me so about Lille? This is the question behind the answer in the header of this message: Can't explain...
Let's try and make the images speak for themselves first.

Is it the translucent quality of the atmosphere? Maybe, but during my first visit in 1983 to this city the restoraration process was still in its early stages. Many of the buildings weren't much more than ruins, the façades - or what was left of them - still covered in sooty grime.
Here, on the left, is the opera building; on the right is the commercial centre with the traditional beffroi-type tower on the corner.

Well, since I can't explain, what it is that fascinates me so about this urban sprawl, let's get on with the pics.

Danger! High voltage. Touching the wires absolutely forbidden.
Near Lomme, a shunting area I had previously only seen on maps...

The footbridge over the train tracks.

Same footbridge, from a different angle.


Anne-Marie said...

I don't think it needs much more explaining. People fall for different cities, and dislike others. Austin, for example, is no great fan of London or Paris, while I think they are fabs.

I remember Lille train station from taking the chunnel train to Paris many years back, and I wondered whether next time, we could stop and have a look around. Judging from your pics, it might be a great idea for the next trip.

Big Change, eh? Maybe I am indeed in a transition phase. Wave to Valerie for me under all her graded papers. I am not quite there, but the drowning in paperwork is coming soon.


Dale said...

Well, that explains it, Koos!

...I thought you liked taking photos of Belgium, but I won't get fooled again...

Seriously though, your photos are from the eye of one who sees the extraordinary in the ordinary...and you manage to maintain or even accentuate that magic in the finished product.

My favourites are the photos of the street signs and looking down the footbridge.

Give Val a big hug for me.


gypsy noir said...

love the old architecture of that place...its kept its quaintness..i always feel like ive been on an amazing tour when i come to your page and feel educated in the are the tour delux delux...and thank you for your kind words...give val a hug from me too