Sunday, September 10, 2006

The tidal river Scheldt in Belgium

This is about the Belgian river Scheldt around Rupelmonde, upstream from famous Antwerp.
Rupelmonde and its surroundings along the river used to be the home to a series of shipyards, that had to close their doors one after the other.
Now that the issue of barge restoration is taking off in Belgium, a new life was found for the old CNR shipyard in Rupelmonde.

Saturday September 9 was the great day when the first completed project was shown to the public. This is a traditional fishing boat of the region.

The boat was in such a state that much new material had to replace the rotten bits. The result: the boat looks like new.

Here's a view across the river. For ages I've been aware of a castle-type building there, hidden behind the trees.

Always seen in sailing past, no place to moor up. So this was the opportunity to go and explore, as I was using the motorscooter.

It turned out the area is of a stunning beauty, with old river branches almost overgrown by the woods. Note: wild woods are very rare in this part of Europe. When viewed from the sky, the woods here give away there true nature. They are arranged in neat rows.

Not for the first time this summer, the view was enhanced by a light that adds beauty to every single item it touches, like here in the garden behind the castle-like building.

NEW!!!! To view the complete photo album of this day please click on the bottom left of the filmstrip.


elizabeth solaka said...

wow again. you get to see such nice things, and thanks to you, so do we.
xxo, E

Dale said...

Koos, viewing your photos is like reading poetry!

It's a journey rich in colour, shadows and light...

The stories that accompany your illustrations are,too, a wealth in themselves.

The tales of the shipyards having to close down is sad, but the good news is they are slowly being returned to what they were originally intended.

Your photo of the propeller is from quite a unique perspective...did you feel a bit like a fish?

I got a kick out of the fact that the wooded areas are all the result of reforestation - the corn rows look from the air...

Again the good news is that an attempt is being made to return the land to its original state.
Before long the forests will lose their cultivated appearance and flourish on their own - if left alone.

Thanks for the glimpse!


Koos F said...

Hi Elizabet, Hope it's not my imagination, I think it's one of your tips to look for extremes.
The pic with the billboard on the left follows up that tip.

Dale, you are a very attentive observer, and you're very eloquent about what you see. Love is the word indeed.

Metalchick said...

Hi Koos,
The pictures you post up always look great, and I love the garden, it's very beautiful!
It's good to hear that the land will be restored.

Take care.

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
What a talent you have with a camera- the photographs are just beautiful, once again. I really love the way the sunlight dances through the trees, and how you capture the various shades of green in the same field or forest.

Beautiful work. As ever, thanks for taking us on holiday with you.


VallyP said...

Your camera is your paintbrush Koosje. No artist could do more...even given the stunning light. You know better than anyone how to capture it.

Belgium is so rich in pockets of undiscovered fairyland xxxx

BlackVelvetLace said...


I want to live in the 7th picture down. The photos are amazing. Gorgeous work.


bookworm said...

Hi Koos,
thank's for the nice pictures. SUPER!!!. I like them all. Go on and show us more. This morning I thought of you because we open a box "De Ruijter" Chocoladevlokken. It was a present from my sister and her husband. Delicious.
Wish you all the best