Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Comfort Junkie Dog

Here is VallyP's dog Sindy, convincingly playing the part of the affectionate comfort junkie.
She now grudgingly admits that for her blog she'd hired a ghost writer, VallyP no less, who is now temporarily unavaiable. Sindy's comment: " 's Not fair!"

After an extremely summery month of September so far (making up for an extremely rainy month of August), today we could finally sense a hint of autumn in the air.

However, after this morning mist was over, it was like summer again.

Numberless times we have walked the dog along the river, but today was the first time I noticed this cast iron cover over a firehose connector.


Dale said...

Hi Koos

I was wondering who the other dog was - a double-take was necessary!

Don't you just love it when the morning fog rolls in?

I had my early coffee on the front deck , watching the rising sun catch the peaks across the lake. It was clear and felt very much like fall - then the fog moved in from down the lake and faded the view from sight... momentarily.

Believe it or not, those type of stamped cast iron covers have always captured my imagination.

I've never thought about it, but I wonder why...

That is one reason I really enjoy looking at life through your lens, Koos!


Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

Awwwww....Sindy is so cute with her twin double there! She looks just like she's saying 's'not fair!'. *L*

Autumn has rolled in here too, though today we had a gem, with sun and 22 degrees. It's so cold at night, though - it's so hard for me to shut the window since I love the fresh air so much and feel I sleep more peacefully with it and the sound of happy crickets in my ears.

Hugs for Val again!

gypsy noir said...

in the second last picture...the sky is beautiful...

MIA said...

Koos, your blog is so calming. I love seeing your world. I transport to the misty morning fog...

Koos F said...

Yes Dale, For a skipper the fog can be very annoying, but still I love foggy weather.
I can imagine the serenity of watching the fog move in while sipping morning coffee...

About the cast iron covers: I think that if you isolate objects from their surroundings, that act alone makes them more interesting. You might try that with street lamps, traffic lights, rubbish bins, you choose - see what comes out.
However the covers had a bit more than just your neutral attention.

Mary Beth,
Lovely to sleep with the windows open, there are those who take that to extremes.
Our september has been the hottest in 300 (!) years. Long live the greenhouse effect.
Oh and I put Sindy at the top of the post, thinking of your preference for doggies ;-)

A sky like that screams 'take a picture of me'. So I only need to take 5 of them and select which one I like best.

That is such a soothing thing to say about my 'work'. I really appreciate that. (Zooming in and out on Google Earth above St-Louis. Do you ever stroll along the riverfront near the arch?).

Sarah Beth said...

wow, that dog is totally adorable!

gypsy noir said...

i bet you would take some grand pics in the astral plane...but then your pictures are already out of this world..

Michael said...

Hey Koos,
Long time. I love the doggie pic. I miss my Golden Retriever. Hows the music coming along? Anything new???.....michael :)

Anne-Marie said...

What, Sindy didn't author her own blog? I'm shocked. Creemie said she'll come over and ghostwrite for her while Val does her more serious school work.

What a cute picture. She is a lovely dog.

Nice to hear you're having wonderful fall weather. Our September here has not been great- a few gems here and there, but too much unstable, rainy days.

Maybe we'll have a balmy October.

Hugs to you and Val. Thanks for the beautiful picture. And of course, hugs to Sindy.


gypsy noir said...

koos i looked at that site, classic pictures!..i could always wear a blonde wig very high heels and pretend to be val??

Michael said...

Hey Koos,
Thanks for your kind thoughts. Its nice too see I have friends out there who care. Its funny being in the Automotive Sales industry, people are your freinds when you make them money but when you move on they forget. As I told Sully, being in this group there are a lot of good hearted people here. As for the home we have some offers that seem very nice. Sherry wants to move to Sugar Land Texas. It is rated #3 in the country to move to and raise children. The homes are absolutely huge and beutiful. Please look it up on Sugar Land Texas. See what you can get for the price. It seems nice It really doesnt matter where I live as long as I can see the Who......michael :)

King Leopold said...

Meeeooow. While I prefer to be around cats, I'm sure I could tolerate to be around that dog on the right! The other dog on the left, which I'm sure all you humans find tremendously cute and cuddly, would be too interested in getting attention. I prefer the silent kind of dogs that don't make any noise and leave me alone.

Metalchick said...

Hi Koos,
Aww! Sindy looks so cute cuddled up with the look-a-like stuffed animal!
A lot of nice posts here, I sure missed a lot! but I've been busy and now I'm using my free time to catch up.
I like your interpretaion of that sign, that's funny! I also like the moving pictures, it's amazing how you have the ability to take a picture of an object that's usually boring, and you make it interesting. Most people don't look at cast iron covers, but the way you have presented them makes them look beautiful.

Suesjoy said...

Oh how SWEET!
Love the grey foggy shot koos.
Your blog is always so refreshing...I've missed it.
I don't blog much at all since Rachel has her new blog. tsk tsk

Hope you are well - I need to check out your other posts now!

Take care,
Sue D.xx

E.L. Wisty said...

I knew it! Sooner or later with every author it gets revealed: if you actually do not write your texts yourself, eventually some journalist or whoever digs it up!


Koos F said...

Hi Sarah Beth
It takes one to know one - not suggesting you are a dog of course.

Gypsy! rules!!!

Why on earth are houses so expensive around here?

Creemore and King Leopold
Sindy announces a fair and open bid, who of the cats is allowed to be her ghost writer in future.

You see Maria, Sindy is totally shameless about being exposed. Her excuse: these really are my thoughts but not only am I dyslexic but I can't oppose thumb and index finger, so I can't type (lame excuse in my humble opinion).

Talking about exposing: sometimes one of Val's students writes an essay way exceeding their regular skills. Her approach: copy a phrase from the essay to a search engine. Nine out of ten it was simply copied from the internet.
Well, what am I telling you, you're among academics and dyed in the wool.

Creemore said...

I think it's up to Sindy to decide who should write her blog. I think maybe we can all put some money together and buy her a spellchecker though. Whoever wrote for her before was obviously not very strong with that skill, don't you think?