Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The title: Watery Ways

Here it is:

And here's a description:
(the back cover)

Find it HERE


Stevie said...

you must be bursting with pride Koos!
I have yet to order the first, as I am tring to think of a way to have it sent to Val to sign first! Better two at a time!
Stop by my blog... there is a funny little bit on Bush there, scarfed from The Onion.

VallyP said...

Thank you Koosje!!! I am touched at the unreserved confidence you have in my work and words. Bless you!

For everyone else, the text on the back isn't really another language. It's just what blogger has done to the words it tried to translate from an image. And by the way, I haven't opened it up for general distribution, so it's only available to bloggers at the moment through the link that Koos has given you and on my blog too. I'm going to have a bash at finding a publisher, but I also need to get Philip's approval first too - seeing as how his teeth are so frequently featured in the book ;-)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Aren't you just so sweetly supportive? I am going to be ordering one for Rob's birthday, which is next month, and one for our own library. So happy to see your work out there, Val!


Koos F said...

The least I can do for a wonderful writer and companion.
Love to you for ordering!

Stevie said...

I've tagged you Sir Koos, and according to the rules as Margie laid them out to me, you have to come to my blog for the rules... does that make sense?

Koos F said...

There's no avoiding this it seems...

VallyP said...

Really really sorry everyone, I've blocked access to WW until I've finished checking the layout. I have a first copy and have noticed a couple of oddities in the format, so am just double checking it through. If you want to take a look at the site, it'll be back in a day or so.

I really appreciate the interest, truly I do, and thanks so much for all the support.
xxx Val

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,
hope you feel good.

I saw Val's book I can order from Amazon UK. I will do it next month, if I have some more money.

In October (6th) I will see THE WHO with my kids in Hannover. There is a concert with the boys, but only for VW bulli owner. VW celebrate 60 years of the bulli.
My best friend has a bulli and his girlfriend don't like THE WHO. This is good for us, because we get the tickets.
It's the third time this year I will see Pete and Roger. My kids are very happy too.

Wish you all the best.
Love and peace

Dale said...

Koos, I don't know whether you should take that as a compliment or not...


I lovei the iway the translationi did to the itext...

Dale said...

Val, I'd love to read WW when you've unblocked it...

May I - Please?

And, of course I will order it, too!

if i can figure out how...

Dale said...

I guess I should have left that bit on Val's blog so, off I go...

Rache said...

Too late! Ordered it on Tuesday... I won't tell about any boo-boos...promise ;)

MargieCM said...

Hi Koos,

Just popped in here to catch up with your travel news, and found this. I'd just left a note on Val's about not being able to open the link properly, and now I have read her comment here all is revealed. I will be patient.

I loved her description of you in the blurb by the way.

But back to Poland - I am reliably informed by my eldest, who spent some days in Krakow and Warsaw last January while on tour, that Krakow has the best nightclubs, especially the one called "Prozac" (I keep calling it Valium, but she says I'm just confused. And I am - is Wroclaw Warsaw? I googled and found many different names, but that wasn't one of them, so perhaps I'm just ignorant.) It looks beautiful anyway, and I really enjoyed your wonderful photographs, especially the "reflections" one, and the way you've captured the colours of the buildings.

You're a talented man.

grace said...

Oh fantastic, another new book! wow, you guys must be beside yourselves. Ok, now! I have 2 books to get. Alright, on it.

Koos F said...

VallyP, I know your book will come out of this much better - and to the others: it will be worth the extra patience.

Bookworm (what is in a name) I can assure you you'll like it verrrry much
Hey good for you, seeing The Who a third time within a year! Lucky man.
A grand gseture to celebrate 60 years of VW Bulli (the term was unknown to me, but of course I knew that wonderful Volkswagen bus!
Did you know it was designed by Ben Pon, the Dutch importer of Volkswagen beetles?

Well Dale, I just tried to say my Polish is rather rusty, if existing at all.

Thanks for your comment on my photography Margie.
Working out what's written in Polish -let alone pronouncing it- can be quite a mission.
Both Warsaw and Cracow are on the river Wisla, Wroclaw is on the Odra, which proves that my geographical orientation relies more on waterways than on anything else.

Dale said...

Koos, I read the teaser!

Val is as brilliant, as usual.
You are a lucky man.

Koos F said...

I am

E.L. Wisty said...

Argh, this teaches me to neglect blogging! I only found out about this now. Downloadable copy bought...