Monday, September 24, 2007

Wrocław (Wroclaw): A very unsystematic approach - but I like it!

I wanted to tell you why I felt so attracted to Wroclaw, Poland, but why not tell you why you'd feel attracted to that city of fame.
I showed you the totally hilarious tram/bobsleigh film and thought it wouldn't get more impressive than that.

But it did.

Here is another Youtube film from Wroclaw where it seems every year on May 1st they assemble a bigger guitar orchestra than the year before to play Jimi Hendrix's Hey Joe.

Last year they reached the number of 1581 players. I don't know how many there were this year but if they organise the same thing next year you bet I'll attend - playing my modest little guitar along with all the other modest little guitars.
Let's see if I can drag VallyP over there with me (she plays the guitar as well).
Ad maybe my eldest son (he is a pretty good guitarist).

Any of you, readers of this blog, want to join in?

If you like to see crisp photographs (not mine), try this


grace said...

Wow! That is amazing. The sound and the energy that must be there when that is happening. So very cool. And playing Hey Joe, even more amazing.

If you can drag Val and your son there, you must have video. You are a family of many talents.!!

Dale said...

Just a few guitars... ;)
I'm on my friend's computer and it has no sound card, so I was only able to watch...and lip sync?

Thanks Koos for your support, too. It's going to be a long road and I am having good and bad days, it seems. Yesterday was good...
Thank you for being a good friend.