Monday, October 01, 2007

Wroclaw Central Station

Wroclaw Central Station
I spent a few hours of the night inside this station in Wrocław, the first night, and later came back to take the train to Kozle. Waiting time was over an hour, so I had the opportunity to take photos of two of these platforms. Later I discovered that they were so similar that with some serious tweaking I could mount them in a common frame. Here's the result.
Need I say "VIEW BIG"?
Or, while we're at it, HUGE? (13 megapixels!)

Here is a rather touching film about people in this station. Featured in it are some that I recognise...
(Added later:) Ouch! I thought I'd stated clearly that I'd found this film on YouTube. Turns out I was wrong. Sorry for the misleading non-info.

Every day I discover at least one excellent photographer on
Today's is someone calling himself gatorhank. Go see.


grace said...

So the people that you recognise in the clip, must be people that are regulars there? That you remember seeing? The older couple, the young woman, obviously addicted. Sort of, a somber video.

Koos F said...

You are right Grace.
Quite clearly the old woman with the back problem virtually lives there, shuffling through the hall and the corridor. I have also seen the harmonica player and the electric organ player, though I don't think I'd recognise the latter two.

This is unique. You are the only visitor here for more than a day.
Thanks for you comment.

Koos F said...


VallyP said...

Very touching Koosje. The moveie I mean. Makes me want to go there and colelct up all those old folks and look after

grace said...

ah, any time...sometimes it takes me a few days to move around blogland, but I get to it. I enjoy your pictures and your videos. You and Val are on my list, oh and Sindy too of course!!

Koos F said...

xxxxx 4 Grace

Anne-Marie said...

the difficult circumstances of people is indeed touching and sad sometimes. On this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, it makes me realise even more how lucky I am.

Thanks for sharing such a terrific glimpse into the ordinary lives of people I'll probably never get to see otherwise.


grace said...

Hi there Koos,

How are you doing? How 'bout some more photos?


gypsy noir said...

That pic is HUGE!..loved the Gatorhank ones..
That video is a sad reflection of todays society..very sad..

Sindy said...

Allo Didz, fanx fer yor comment on me bloggy fing. Luvs yoo, luv an lox sindybin xxxx

Lannio said...

Interesting and informative post. Interesting how these public places can sometimes really give insight into ourselves.

Koos F said...

Good to see you here again Lannio, and as usual I feel rich with the pearls of insight you put into your comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Koos,

Dat heb je knap gedaan, die foto van het station van Wroclaw.Echt heel mooi gedaan. Heb je hiervoor een statief gebruikt? Vind de foto echt perfect uitgekadreerd.

Groet, Johan H.