Monday, October 22, 2007


Yesterday we had one of those magical outings that don't take long. We went to an area between Rotterdam and the North Sea appropriately called Westland and visited a village not so appropriately called Maasland.

Val managed the dog while I did my best not to only stop and take fisheye photos for panoramas.
The annoying thing can be that the travel companion always has to move away from the camera because it takes pictures all around.

Anyway, we saw a variety of the most wonderful scenes again, and cottages of dream quality, very traditionally Dutch and a feast for the eyes.
I took the panorama below because I found the colours of the private bridge so appealing, and the whole setting of the house so romantic because it sat on its own litlle island.

So here's the panorama. Don't forget to drag the cursor inside the image and use shift and control for zooming.

Or view the bigger size HERE


VallyP said...

It was lovely wasn't it Koosje? Are you going to show them the others as well. You did a lovely one of the centre of Maasland. What a beautiful place it is! And just outside our smoke stack here in Rotters too.

Koos F said...

Brill idea, willdo, and thanks for visiting, pretty girl.

Koos F said...

Ain't we got fun, sending each other massages we could do by just speaking?

Dale said...

Does Val get dizzy dancing around in order to avoid the camera?
Hope she doesn't end up in the drink...again.

It looks like you're in a black tiled bathroom looking out over the pretty bridge and house...

Dale said...

Now that I've waited for it to load properly, it's lovely. What a quaint little bridge - sort of reminds me of a porkupine...

After reading Watery Ways, I feel a certain new kinship with the area!

Dale said...

The written word has its unique way - even when you're only a gangplank away.


Stevie said...

Interesting that you are sending each other massages as well, instead ofmessages!
Beautiful images Koos!

Dan L. said...


Aw, "you are kidding me"...

I really like your blog. I must certainly and highly suggest you come out here, West, in the OLD West USA, to take your fine pictures as well. You are good.

I hope you "get" the first comment of mine...

--Dan L.

Dan L. said...

I forwarded your blogged vid of 2 billion and one guitars in Warsaw to several music minded buddies of mine. So far, they are amazed.

--Dan L.

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

it's long ago I write a comment to you, sorry.
This is a funny game with the zoom. I like it. How do you do that?

Love and peace

gypsy noir said...

These virtual photo's are fun..
I bet you were sitting in the same room having your virtual conversation;0)
Oh yes Koos, i've took a small leaf out of your book and tried my hand at film making..i'm a mere amateur though compared to you..

Erik-Jan said...

I like this one by Koos:

"sending each other massages we could do by just speaking?"


Erik-Jan said...

Did you really mean: massages?
If so, send me a message explaining it all. Always curious.

Koos F said...

It was a half-quote of a Monty Python announcement "This is a mAssage from the Swedish prime minister". Just a little absurdity I am fond of, but it tends to blur the communication.

Koos F said...

Hi Stefan
It is a long story, but
here is an introduction

Hans said...

It,s been a long time since I visited this blog. Wonderful panoramas in here! Looking at those pictures in big format and spinning them fast makes me feel like doing aerobatics... :)

Koos F said...

Hi Hans
Good to see you here.
Val tells me we have a thing or two in common, when it comes to boats.

I am steadily working on a collection of panoramas. I love making them.
Watch this space, i's where they appear

grace said...

It was so lovely, and so AWESOME. how do you do that????

So beautiful. xx grace

Stevie said...

Koos, if ever you two head to Canada, you have to come to the valley. Dale and I will happily take turns trekking you around (wouldn't we Dale!) and you would be in photo bliss!

Anne-Marie said...

What a beautiful little corner of the world. I would love to have the pink house backing onto the water. So peaceful.

I love your panoramas.


Gary said...

Hi there Koos, I really appreciate you voting for the song. Still waiting for results.. they are dragging it out I guess.

Hope you and Val are having a lovely holiday season.

fond regards,

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

I wish you a merry and peaceful christmas and all the best for the comming new year.

Every time I love your pics and writing on your blog.

Take care.

Fröhliche und friedvolle Weihnachten.


grace said...

Merry Christmas Koos!

Happy New Year.

Dan L. said...

Merry Christmas, Koos!

Then another year starts...have a great one!

--Dan L.

Anonymous said...

And a Merry & Happy to you and all you are close to!


Stevie said...

Sir Koos!
Come see my Happy New Year's vid!

Steve H said...

Hi Koos

Haven't blogged in such a long time as I've been so busy but just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Who Year and all the best for 2008!! Check out on my blog if you get a chance to see what I'm up to - having fun that's for sure!

Take care