Friday, October 19, 2007

Point #3 about me: Panoramas

A point that isn't new to blogland is I love panorama photography, see for instance the post preceding this one.
In a comment there I promised making a QuickTime VR panorama about the cube houses near where we live.
Here it is, made today - and feel free to ask why my feet aren't on it ;-)
And while we're at it, this is the best quality I have delivered so far.

Click and drag in the image to navigate. Press shift to zoom in, press control to zoom out.
Nice and cute and small, but why not click on this link to see it at a proper size?


grace said...

WOW!! That was awesome. Very kaliedoscope. I am in awe of your technical abilities.


Dan L. said...

My oh my. Thas arty, no?

Heya, Koos!

--Dan L.

VallyP said...

Beautifully done, Koosje. The panorama makes it look stunning. The shapes are really brought out by these images. In fact I'm sure this was more what the architecht had in mind when he was designing these cubist buildings than the slightly tarnished appearance they actually have now.

E.L. Wisty said...

Sure is a rather fabulous panorama!

And now I am VERY curious to hear the great news you got from Wroclaw ;-)

Anne-Marie said...

Wow, that was a lovely trip down memory lane, especially seeing the harbour behind the glass across from the massage parlour.

Thanks for posting this.

And okay, I'll bite- why are your feet not on it?...


Koos F said...

"why are your feet not on it?..."
I feared you'd never ask.
Answer: copy and paste in a Popular Image Editor.

Glad to have offered a short trip down Memory 3ane!

Koos F said...

OK Maria

1 Big plan to travel to Wroclaw by barge and stay there for about 3 months.
2 Nice man in that place (you know him too) has good contacts in circles where people decide about moorings.
3 There is someone who is a proponent of living on the water (the man of the site, so the idea of a living aboard a barge, even temporarily, isn't alien to the authorities.

So that's the news, and I am quite excited about it.
If you go through the maps shown on the site, you'll find the more or less designated mooring areas, indicated by green lines.

E.L. Wisty said...


Wow! This certainly IS exciting news. This will be quite an adventure.

I'm going to check out the website tomorrow.

Erik-Jan said...

I like it!!!
Great subject b.t.w.

Dale said...


How did you do that?

Dale said...

Here I was - waiting for it to do all the work...

Thanks for the click and drag instructions!

Dale said...

I zoomed!

I saw the harbour! I saw the harbour!

It means so much more to me now that I'm firmly ensconced within the pages of Watery Ways.

Koos F said...

Oh Dale

What a great inspiration to go on!
And Erik-Jan, faithful friend, saying you like it.

There is more to come, because I like doing it!

gypsy noir said...

Koos, silly question I know but enquiring mind wants to know, do you take the picture from every angle then put them together or do you just take one picture on a panoramic lens to get it all in like?

Koos F said...

Hi Gypsy

I love technical questions from the inquisitive mind.
I use a fisheye lens and take 3 photos at three 120 degree angles.

The 185 degrees viewing angle of the lens (yes that is from all the way right and straight above to all the way left and straight down - and then a bit!) makes sure that evrything all around is covered. With a bit of Photoshopping I then remove the feet of the tripod and presto!

The computer has to do a lot of calculating in the process.

I'll try to make such a panorama using only two photos, because 2x 185 degrees adds up to more than the necessary 360 degrees, doesn't it?

gypsy noir said...

Ah!, thankyou for that think I understand now..

Koos F said...

One day well come over to show it all.

Nel said...
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Nel de Jong said...

Hai Koos...

Jazeker....een hele mooie !!!
Prachtig effect ook...
Ik zet je blog bij mijn favorieten..ziet er interessant uit..