Sunday, September 09, 2007

The strangest orchestra you'll ever see

And here's a slideshow of the annual harbour festival.


VallyP said...

This was brilliant, Koosje! I haven't laughed so much in ages. This was a real steel band, but with what a difference.

They all looked so incredibly serious, but it was just so funny and really so very good too. I think they're on to a winning show here - truly I do

Anne-Marie said...

What a neat idea. I couldn't listen after 2 minutes, as I am on the brink of a cold and my head is pounding enough, but the concept is brilliant.


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,

Koos F said...

If you want guaranteed hearing damage, join this band - unless like all of them you wear ear protection.
The audience's hearing is in jeopardy as well.

The first offer to come and play elsewhere came between performances.

Dale said...

Does the name "klink" not say it all?

Dale said...

Did you see the finished product?


Koos F said...

The music was the prduct, but one of the sheets was nicely curved as if that had been the objective.

Klink is the root of a verb with three related meanings

1 to (re)sound
2 to rivet (a noisy business I can assure you)
3 to toast (hear the ping when 2 glasses touch)

So yes, Klink says it all ;-)

Rache said...

Wow. They really go at it! Love their coveralls with 'Klink' on the back. So appropriate!

My neighbor and her friend are outside playing their bagpipes and I have to say it makes a rather bizarre background to your video...

Rache said...

Yes, now that I read on, Klink does say it all!

Chaz said...

TAG! (if you havent already done it!)

Koos F said...

Hi Chaz
I love to read your 8 points.
I'm putting mine off until I've been tagged 8 times. The score so far is 3. But I promie I'll tag 64 others after that.

Koos F said...

Great acknowledgement for the inventors of this totally unique musical style. Environmental relevance is what it is all about. I'll pass on the compliments to the conceptual thinkers.

No I won't.

Let them visit this here blog. Much better ;-)

bookworm said...

Hi Koos,

the video is fantastic, on which way music can be make. It's not THE WHO, but real funny.

Love and peace

gypsy noir said...

That orchestra is pretty's music innit!..
Love the harbour slide show it's soo vibrant..

Oh i've tag ya too!..

Koos F said...

Thanks Gypsy, I'm sure you would have loved being here too.
Oops! Tag #4. A matter of days until it will be 8.

Anne-Marie said...

Tag #5! We're closing in on you.


Tag #6..oh its getting there.

E.L. Wisty said...

This reminds me of a Finnish band (can't remember their name right now) who are actually recording artists and whose repertoire consists of washboards and such.

The human inventiveness is endlessly fascinating.

Koos F said...

That's great Maria.
I hope you'll find a YouTube something of them.
I greatly appreciated that Finnish shouting choir you presented to us some time ago.