Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cemetery - or cmentarz as they call it

A cemetery I came across in Bedzin, Poland. It was briefly after All Saints / All Souls, which the Polish people celebrate elaborately, hence the many flowers. What strikes me here is the juxtaposition of industry and this burial ground.
Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Cemetery, Bedzin, Poland


Anne-Marie said...

The amount of flowers is staggering, but it lends much needed colour to the greyness. I was also struck by the industry in the back, and the elevation of the cemetery itself. I tend to think of them as flat lands, perhaps because that is the norm. Great photos, Koos, and thanks for sharing.

One of my favourite things to do in big cities is to take strolls through cemeteries, which sometimes causes my travelling companions to find me strange. My absolute favourite is Brompton's in west London, where Beatrix Potter took some the names for her rabbit book characters. It has the most beautiful stone angels, and lots of ivy and cheeky squirrels.


Koos F said...

The land in that area is generally flat, but here the tram had to work a bit harder uphill.
Seeing the cemetery was a lucky shot from the corner of my eye. Being there when everybody was busy putting flowers and lights on the graves was another case of unorganised luck.

I think being attracted to graveyards is perfectly normal. Hard to explain. Just simple attraction - so welcome to our 'club', Anne-Marie. ;-)

And a big thank you for taking the time to comment.

VallyP said...

So many flowers and such well tended graves. They are really lovely Koosje.

grace said...

while some are afraid of cemetaries. I find them fascinating, I remember the town I grew up in London had this very old cemetary of these extravagant grave stones. and around here, there is this one country road, where on this private land right off the curved road, there is a cemetary of the family who have passed, where in the late 1800's the entire family passed of
Trichonosis and there they are buried together. I find it quite interesting that they are remembered for all who pass for all these years.

String said...

I love cemeteries, been going to them since I was 'introduced' by my dad as a kid. Nice shots, looks like cooling towers, entirely appropriate juxtaposition.