Friday, January 15, 2010


Last night I took VallyP's camera while walking the dog along the river. The reason was we had a bit of doubt about the quality of the little thing, a Nikon P80. The verdict: a few adjustments to the settings and it is a really good camera, especially given its size.

After hitting the Play button, don't forget to click on the full screen link!

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Along the river


Anne-Marie said...

Lovely photos there, especially the Erasmus bridge at sunset and Cinderella's midnight ride. ;)

It makes me want to be there again, just so you know.


String said...

Lovely, I like all the oranges and reds and also those two shots as well! Hey incredibly moving music who was it?

Koos F said...

Thanks Anne-Marie and String.
Always welcome to our place. Just holler ;-)

The music is called "Fill, Fill, a Run O". It comes free with Smilebox, the application I use to make these slideshows.

Hans said...

Oh my... great pics!
Nothing wrong with that camera. Despite a little chromatic aberration and some flare lowering the contrast sometimes, superb!