Thursday, March 16, 2006

Guest of the Week, a strange boat, and a Panorama

Here's Neeltje, pretty as a picture, high and dry for maintenance.
Until the Second World War these barges, under sail, were used for the transport of goods on the waterways of continental Western Europe.
Neeltje means "little Cornelia". You'll be amazed how often the diminutive form is used in Holland. It does not necessarily mean small, quite often it just expresses affection.

I found this remarkable floating contraption on the river Dender in Belgium.
The sign says they are members of The Green Pirates, a circle of militaria aficionados. Every colour other than military colours should be avoided like the plague. I wondered aloud why the girl's underwear was purple. Her boyfriend set the dog on me.
Luckily, the dog couldn't find its way up the bridge where I stood...

Yippee, below is the first of my homemade panoramas. QuickTime must be installed on your computer to view it. Just let me know if it works for you. I can find other ways to post them.
Click-drag on the panorama image to look around in the Oude Haven in Rotterdam.

You find the free QuickTime plugin at
Photos and panorama Koos Fernhout


Dale said...

Hi Koos

Oh goodie, a new post!

Does Neeltje mean anything in Dutch or is it just a name?

I love the funny military boat thing with the little blow-up dingy on top.

Is that the Jolly Roger flying atop its flagpole?!

Oh, "The Green Pirates" - I GET it!

Maybe they're a secret division of Greenpeace, although they don't sound very peaceful.

Purple underwear, attack dogs & all...


Koos F said...

Hi Dale,
You are fast!
The explanation of Neeltje is now on the page.
All words ending in 'je' are diminutives, like 'ette' in French.

Meanwhile I am experimenting with a QuickTime panorama on the page. I haven't mastered posting that yet.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

I love the panorama! It definitely works on my computer. Congratulations on figuring out how to do one. I have yet to just figure out how to add a person to a picture that wasn't really in the picture (though I think Photoshop is needed for that, which we don't have). I haven't reached the level of panorama yet! :)

Koos F said...

Hi Mary Beth
Thanks for the feedback, good to know that it works.

Marietta said...

Hi Koos!

Fav blogger here, LOL!
Sorry I haven't visited such a long time, I was having sort of night-marish stupid things going on in my life. Urgh! Thank God for Rachel, Pete, Mikey, Simon and the ITA shows! And the fun chats we have, I love them!!!

The pictures are fabulous, so clear and with lovely colours... I love making Panoramas, I should post one too, maybe of my forthcoming trip to Brighton with mom (she's coming on Tuesday)

See you at the next chat and who knows maybe in a Who gig soon???


James Casey said...

I wondered aloud why the girl's underwear was purple. Her boyfriend set the dog on me.
Luckily, the dog couldn't find its way up the bridge where I stood...

Oh, Koos. Brilliant.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
You panorama works very good over here. Thanks to Apple for creating Quicktime for Windows :-)
Kind regards to Val and yourself,

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I love your description of the pirate ship. Beware of girls in purple underwear with attack dogs- I'll add that to my Euro checklist. :)

The panorama works for me too. It's great.


Dale said...

Hi Koos

Sadly the panorama does not work for my computer, but I know that you know that...

Did you know that the name of our ski hill is called Panorama Mountain Village?

Another one of those selective perspective things!

Have a great weekend.


neilbymouth said...

Hi koos -ah good old rotterdam, i havent been there for about 10 yrs this panarama is brilliant mate well done!

Dale said...

Dear Koos

Thank you for stopping by my blog!
You help to inspire me with your kind words.

Over the weekend I discovered that the family I mentioned earlier who bought the Hummer from us are indeed the bookstore Paagmans.
My younger daughter skis with 2 of their little girls.
The Paagmans are very interesting & wonderful people. I have always liked them.
They moved here from The Netherlands a few years ago, but return to their homeland regularly.

I'm looking forward to your new guest of the week...