Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"When I paint my masterpiece"

"Trainwheels are running through the back of my memory..." (Bob Dylan)

If blogspace is where closet-artists come out, then I am happy to join the ranks.
I painted this almost twenty years ago, and it is still asking for a successor. This untitled work was never shown to the world outside my family cricle.
Let the comments flow freely. I like that.

This is Henny Gouwens's barge just before the winches start to pull it out of the water. In the foreground Peter Faber holds a rope, used to guide this extremely elegant beurtschip to the right spot.
Photos Koos Fernhout


Erik-Jan. said...

Hi Koos,
Just go on. Create a new one. I like it. Really! You are surprising me!
b.t.w. Kieth Moon tonight on Dutch TV. Ned 3, 20.25 h.

JoeBoy said...

Great art, and I always love your photography. Keep up the great work.

Erik-Jan. said...

I meant Keith. Sorry...typo!

Dale said...

Dear Koos

WOW! What an amazing piece of artwork!

You must have done it back in your Hippie days...

I am constantly surprised at the level of artisticness (is that a word?) in our blogging circle!

I LOVE it!

So, if Peter had a brother helping him guide the beurtschip, could we say that it was done by Faber & Faber?

Again, I love the photos!

I did a new, but simple post today.


Mary Beth said...

Wow Koos!

I just love it, and my mouth dropped when you said you painted it yourself (not that I don't think you could be a painter - but it looks so professional!). Do you have an interpretation of it (i.e. what you were thinking of at the time, trying to get across)? In my humble interpretation (I'm probably totally wrong!), the larger part of the painting reminds me of a church (I guess it's that stained glass effect), but the center looks to me like ocean at the bottom and plant life growing up out of the ocean onto dry earth and towards the rays of sunlight at the top of the church. The electric blue is exquisite (blue is my favourite colour, so I'm partial :) ) I would love to see any other ideas that may wander out of your mind and onto the canvas. Great work - thanks for sharing that with us!

elena said...

Hey Koos,

I love it, great painting!!! It reminds me of a church too....It's like flames coming out of the ocean....You are reaaally good, man...You should have told us about this before...:):)



Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
The painting struck me as church meets nature, and it really works well. You need to keep exploring that creative side, because you obviously have some serious talent!


Koos F said...

Thanks all for the comments.
This is a period of inspiration in music, writing, photography and now art too. Itching to pick up the brush again. We'll see what that leads to.

Joe, good to meet you both here and in Molly's chatroom, thanks for telling about Buck Owens, he was the main reason for me to favour the Fender Telecaster.
Touching photo of you and (your pa?).
You have the same sign as I and so you are in arts. However, I don't believe in that astro stuff...

I tried uitzendinggemist.nl (we have no tv) but no mention of Keith Moon. Will you keep an eye on it, I'd like to share the programme with the blog community.

Good to chat you up ;-) too.
Glad you noticed the Faber (& Faber) connection.
You must have a terribly healthy life in the snow! The picture of you up there is very inspiring. Now I understand why you look forward to winter so much.

Mary Beth
Always honoured to have you as a guest, especially in matters of good taste. When I painted this I was very busy with religion. Mix that with love of old buildings then this is what you get - from me. Hope this comes close to answering your questions. I love the blue as well, favourite colour.

Your mom's paintings inspired me to publish this.
Glad you were with us at the chat room as well! Did you notice that in-crowd effect: We Were There.

We'll meet, that's a thing to look forward to. And I don't mind remembering the term 'serious talent'. Thanks for that


Gina said...

Absolutely love it!

Bri said...

Oh, Koos, the colors and images are beautiful in your painting. I had no idea that you were a painter. Please do more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Koos

Your pic's are the best please don't forget to send me some

Lots of love