Friday, March 24, 2006

Willemsbrug, Rotterdam - for James

One of our readers, James Casey, recently wrote that he once visited Rotterdam. He summed up the places he'd seen, among them the Willemsbrug (a bridge across the river Maas). So especially for him, here is a picture I am very fond of, featuring this bridge and a very rare, fully restored river paddle steamer.

Here another view of the bridge.

Clicking on the image below leads you to a QuickTime interactive panorama.

(452 KB, QuickTime plugin required).
Enjoy the look around from the head of the earlier Willems bridge. Once the panorama is on screen, click and drag left and right to get a 360 degrees view.
Photo and panorama Koos Fernhout


Dale said...

Good Morining, Koos!

I especially like the first image with the lovely river paddle boat. She is beautiful!

I also like the looks of the ultramodern builings in the background.

I have always loved suspension bridges - they amaze me in their basic simplicity.
Yet they are such marvels of engineering.

Too bad I am unable to view the panorama. I might see if I can see it during a break on the computer at work.

Thanks for continuing to give me so many new insights to your homeland.


James Casey said...

Thank you so much, Koos!

I'm going to guess - always a dangerous thing - that the panorama is taken from the opposite side of the Maas to Boompjes, because I think that large white building almost dead across the river is the Willemswerf.

Also, is that the Euromast in the distance? Or a crane?

Koos F said...

Hi Dale
It seems I beat Val at publishing about the paddle steamer, didn't know she wanted that too. Never mind, she'll come back with a vengeance.
;-) Her approach is so different from mine, I'm looking forward to see how she deals with the same subject.

You keep amazing me. Your comment is spot on. It seems you learn more about Rotterdam in a day than I do in years of living here.
And yes indeed, that is the Euromast in the distance.

Dale said...

Well Koos

This dumb blonde has finally figured out where the hint in your rebus is...

I was just casually looking at the photo when I (not for the first time) wondered why they did not spell the whole word "AmSTERdam".

I get it.

Call me slow, but don't call me late for dinner!

Have a great weekend, Koos!


Koos F said...

Oh Dale
If I ever forget what honesty looks like, I'll read your comment again, that'll learn me.

I spoke to Anna Maria's owner today, showed him the image I'd published and said I'd digitallly touched up the letters on his name plate for my blog readers.
He said: "I deliberately scratched off that paint!"
He said "I was born and raised in Rotterdam. You don't think I'll go sailing with the word Amsterdam on my barge!"
I understood.

Dale said...

That is like being from Montreal & being a fan of the Toronto hockey team!


Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
I too love suspension bridges. I used to get students to research famous bridges and then build their own replica models when I taught grade five- it was always a favourite project for me to see.

Dale: it's also a bit like coming from Toronto and cheering for the Habs!


Anonymous said...

Koos this is so beautiful! Urgh, I wish I had time to visit Rotterdam too when I came to the Netherlands... Next time!

Have you been to Greece? You'll be amazed by the beauty and you'll want to take 50 million panoramas!!!(Greek word, btw!)

Lots of love
PS: don't forget to change your clock's time. It's springtime!!!

Marietta said...

Why am I anonymous??????????
Previous message by me...


Erik-Jan said...

Maybe just because of your Metaxa or other great wines or the weather off-course.