Friday, March 31, 2006

Just before we go to South-Africa

This is a big post, but then remember that it'll be more than a week before another one appears on these pages.
These images are all dear to me.

A lock on the Belgian Upper Sambre. I chose to only show the colours yellow, green and red, the rest is in greyscale.

Believe it or not, these oddly shaped watertowers near Maubeuge really have these remarkable colours.

For a brief period in 2005 communication between my camera and the computer was less than ideal. It led to a subtly surreal effect that would have been hard to achieve deliberately. Valerie wearing her sunglasses helped too, not to mention the dog Sindy having a plastered leg. This is Arquennes on the old canal Brussels-Charleroi.

Below an image worth watching in itself. Clicking on it leads you to a QuickTime panorama (2.6MB) that will take a while to download, but worth the waiting if I say so myself. When the panorama has appeared, click and drag in the image to navigate.

This is south of the Volkerak locks on the way from Belgium to Rotterdam.

That's it for this week.
We'll be thinking of you.
Photos and panorama Koos Fernhout


James Casey said...

Hope you have/had a fantastic time.

Love your music and will post about it when you're back to read it!

Michael said...

Wow Koos,
See this is why I want to move out there. I am big on history and travel. Our country is very young and doesnt have a history of 2,000 years. Im sure if I lived out there I would be digging in my backyard looking for artifacts and Sherry would kill me. Please visit my Blog I was struck by something that bothered(s) me about a piece of history that I may like/want your input on....have a great time toooo....michael
P.S these word verifications are getting tougher for us with gloucoma I deal with it :)

Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

I think my favourite of these is definitely the panorama - the cloudy sky with the ship masts is just so picturesque. Of course, I can never resist a picture of Sindy! :)

Have a wonderful time in South Africa - I envy your trip! I'm anxiously awaiting all your photographs upon your return...

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Thanks for the pics- I especially love the last one, where the sky's colours are most interesting.

Safe travels, and have a wonderful time!


Dale said...

Dear Koos

You have a great ability to capture the most striking photos!
I wish I could watch the panorama...

The locks appear small, to me. Are they simply for smaller vessels, or is it just an illusion.

I like how the wildflowers compliment the colourful water towers. I wish I had a club big enough to drive that pink golf ball down the fairway...

The photo with the canal has such an old village feel to it. It is fairly dark on my computer, but I can make out Val & poor Sindy with her casted leg. (What happened to her?)

The final image is my favourite.
I don't know if you do this on purpose, but you have a way of bringing out the cloud formations in your photos that lend the the subject such character & mood.

Have a wonderful & safe holiday!


Koos F said...

Hi all,
15 minutes before we go to the station on our way to the airport. This is exciting. I am all dressed in new. Val is wondering if her clothes are smart enough by comparison. Good (but she has the looks).
No time to say personal things to each, so just:
- yes the lock is small, only 40 x 5 metres (120 x 13 ft). Standard French size, but then the standard English size is a quarter of that!
- don't forget to click on the clouds and masts image if you have a fast connection and QuickTime installed.

Lots of love,
Koos (and Val)

Michael said...

Hey Koos,
Have you aver heard of this guy
We will not be divided is a great song......michael :)

Michael said...

Hey Koos,
Have you aver heard of this guy
We will not be divided is a great song......michael :)

elena said...

Hi Koos,

Thanks for these wonderful pictures....I love the one with of the water towers...

Have a great trip to South-Africa, enjoy it!!! and, take a lot of photos, please, please...I'm sure they are going to be beautiful.

I've been reading James Casey's post...Where can we listen to your music???



Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos and Val,
More or less in the same time zone so...what can you do from there?
Kind regards,
b.t.w. been faring from Katwijk to Muiden last saturday. Great!!!

Dale said...

Oh Koos!

I was able to see the panorama on the computer at work!!
That is amazing technology!

It is beautiful!

Val wasn't kidding when she mentioned the fact that Holland is flat...

The wind towers are very interesting, too.
I think that is the best way to harness power.
It's so clean & available.

Hope you & Val are having a lovely holiday in South Africa.

Thinking of you both.


Dale said...

Missing you, Koos!

You are probably preparing your trip back to Europe about now.
Hope your holiday was a memorable one!


Koos F said...

Hi James
Very glad you love my music.
Can't wait to read your review!

Howyadoing? I reaslise how rich we are here, up to our necks in history. Sorry to read about your gloucoma. Can that be cured?

Mary Beth
So glad you like the panorama. I can feel the excitement again the way I felt it when setting up the camera. Knew it wasv going to be impressive.
Especially for you a pic of an African animal on my blog today;-)

Your good wish has come true, we had a wonderful time.

Dear Dale
Your comments make a rich man feel even richer. Wonderful.

The link to my home made music is in the links list on my blog page. Hope you enjoy.

All the way from Katwijk to Muiden, that is serious travelling.
Will you tell us more about it? Look forward to hearing more.
Surprise: human beings in my latest post. Couldn't avoid them, they were just too attractive.


PS How do you all like my new African hat?