Friday, March 10, 2006

A QuickTime (While We're Away)

Quality, not quantity - Robert Pirsig

Repeating myself, I'm sure, when I say I am so very happy with the comments on what I present here. They keep me going.
A very personal thanks to Anne-Marie, Dale and Erik-Jan for their personal feedback (this list is not exhaustive).

Just before we go off to Brussels, here's a QuickTime slideshow (7,2 Mb, but then it contains 150+ images and lasts 9 minutes!). Well worth waiting for if I say so myself.

The large images were uploaded to give you a taste of what's in the slideshow.

Photos Koos Fernhout


Erik-Jan (again) said...

Hi Koos,
You are talented and I may say so as being a prof. photographer. You do have an eye for detail and I did see you just love taking all those photographs and that is the most important part of doing it.
I'm jealous because of the places you visit during your week-ends. It is near by and to often forgotten and so beautiful.
Now the bad news....but only off-course to improve your skills or I might misjudge. In quite some pictures I do miss the human touch. Like if those places are totaly abandoned. Roads without people and stairs aren't climbed.
Maybe an idea, if you have the time, to wait a little longer and let something happening in the picture. Maybe you just do this on purpose and you just wait till everyone is out of the way.
Anyway,...wonderfull 9 minutes of quicktime while I was home
Kind everything to everyone,

Dale said...

Dear Koos

To echo Erik Jan, you ARE most talented.
This is coming from a very casual photographer, but with the eye of an artiste...

I love the fence on wheels!!!
It reminds me of some of the portable livestock fencing we have here in the Wild West.
It also reminds me of the portable irrigation systems we have here in this semi-arid climate.
Lovely storm brewing in the skies above.

In the second photo, is that a metre of some sort - electricity, water, or the likes?
Or is is a wee little fire hydrant for wee little fires?
For the wee little mouse house beside it?

Again, I apologise for my own lack of technology.
My dumb computer (oxymoron) will not let me download quicktime or anything else, for that matter.

I will have to take your word on it, & that of others, that the download is excellent!

To disagree with EJ, I love the photos precisely because of the lack of human content.
That is what makes yours unique. Keeps us guessing...

Have a great Belgian weekend!