Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Human Touch

Dear Friends
First of all I need a bigger barge or else there will be no room to store my ego after the most recent comments.
Sometimes the images invoke from others exactly the same response as from me. I think of Dale, commenting on the colourful poster in the snow. Spot on, just the way I see it and the reason why I had to take the picture!

Then there is the picture with the "wee little fire hydrant for wee little fires", also commented on by Dale. It was my attempt to a purely aesthetic approach, but thanks to the comment it becomes wonderfullly hilarious. Goes to show one does not need to be understood to feel appreciated!

Erik-Jan's guess is completely right. In most of my pictures there is a bike just around the corner, a motorcar approaching from behind, the dog about to enter into the picture and I gently hold back my companion.
That explains "Roads without people and stairs aren't climbed". It expresses my feeling of abandonment, having seen these places full of activity, energy and prosperity in the 1960s, just before it all began to collapse.
But then again, without this background the pictures would probably be the same: I like it that way.


Erik-Jan said...

I love the "human touch" and your explanation. Great !!
Been "faring" during a snow shower this afternoon, also quite nice.

Koos F said...

Snow during a boat trip, interesting to say the least.
A matter of time before we see with a report of his trip to the south of Belgium in his aubergine camper? (I am just associating freely)

Today's word verification says: itsqeql
My reply: it sure is.

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
It is not exactly aubergine but it does have a double bed in the back. But on top of the list ain't Belgium but Rotterdam :-)

Dale said...

Dear Koos

Your post had me laughing out loud, especially when I read your quote on the fire hydrant bit!
To read it on the post made it appear more wonderfully hilarious than I thought!

I know that you snapped the photo for the aesthetic qualities, which I saw right away.
I just couldn't go before leaving the comment.

Humour is what helps keep me sane!
Or insane - depending upon your perspective!

This most recent photo reminds me of one of those lapel pins that people can make up.
It is sublime in its simplicity.

...not in itsqeql...


Koos F said...

Hi Dale
Do they know around you how much tongue-in-cheek you have or should I tell them?
In tears (well, almost)

Anne-Marie said...

That is too cute, Koos.

It's warm here for a few days of dellusion before we return to our regularly scheduled winter. I'm sure the snowmaking isn't over yet, despite the sandals and capris of today.