Sunday, February 26, 2006

Magic Bus in Manchester

We're back in Rotterdam, loaded with impressions. Loaded with 150+ photos too. Long live the digital camera, and long live our Mancunian friend and hostess Paula. This was a fabulous weekend!
Tourist descriptions are not my area. Suffise it to say that Manchester was vibrant, windy and sunny, very much to my taste.
Val and I look for canal-related things, so this was our chance.
First there was Castlefield Basin.
It is an impressively restored area that breathes the atmosphere of 19th century railways, even older canals, bridges in many shapes and sizes, tastefully mixed with modern buildings.
Deeply impressed, from there we followed the canal across the city. For Paula it was as much a holiday feeling as for us, as she had known Manchester so far only from street level. With us she went to the next level - down, that is. Welcome to the parallel world of old English waterways!

Ever wondered where the original Magic Bus could be found? How about Manchester? It's a pleasant double decker. In fact we saw many of them.

For those with a fast internet connection or much patience I have uploaded a 7.2Mb QuickTime movie with practically all the images of the weekend: the visit to Castlefield Basin, the walk along the Rochdale Canal through Manchester, our visit to The Quays, a hyper modern development around the former sea port, and a trip to the boat lifts in Anderton. To download the movie Ctrl-click (Win: right-click) and choose from the menu.
Photos Koos Fernhout


ernie said...

thanks :)

Erik-Jan. said...

Hi Koos,
Looks like a real nice city.
Beautiful architecture, old as well as new, and all those waterways with the bridges and classic locks. Must be great "to boat" there. You gave a good impression, so many different photographs in just two days.

elena said...

Hi koos,

Thanks for sharing...It looks that you enjoy travelling a lot, that's good!! Thanks for the video with the photos...I once went to Manchester, but just to pick a train...:(:(
I love the photo with the chimney, it seems as if Dick Van Dyke is going to start dancing, he,he

Anne-Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed Manchester. It looks great from the picture you've posted. I had heard it had enjoyed a renaissance. Very cool bus there.