Saturday, February 25, 2006


Val said she had a surprise for me, Friday.
We took a train north, got off at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and now I am typing this in Manchester, northern England, after a day with Val and our wonderful host Paula.
And I honestly had no clue that we were going to fly!
We went to explore the canals in the city and I must say they put the canals in London in the shade...
'See' you all Sunday evening.

Oh, the concrete thing with the reflectors on it is a park bench. Erik-Jan had the size just right.

The bench seen from a different angle, the grass and the tree convey a sense of proportion. The retroflectors are useful because it sits just beside a road, facing the river. Nice view from there.


Dale said...

Hi Koos

When I fist logg onto your blog, it always takes a while for my computer to load everything.
I completely missed the "concrete" photo.
All the words were there, but not the photo - I'll just have to be more patient before making a comment!

I did look at it closely afterwards & I was trying to figure the dimensions.
I thought it could be very large or very small.
I've never seen a concrete park bench with reflectors on it before.
All our benches are made of wood &, I guess because we don't have that much traffic, there is no need for reflectors.
Excellent photo & food for thought.

Have a lovely weekend in Manchester!


Anthonetta said...

Hi Koos,
Now I know why I couldn't reach you by phone,
We were yesterday in the Waalhaven you can see the pictuters on my blog,
Se you when you're back,


Anne-Marie said...

I hope you had a great weekend in Manchester!


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
The size just right? Must be a small bench then.
But the bench maybe does have a direct relation with the waterway behind (in front) of it?
How was Manchester? Curious about the pictures you took there.
Nice surprise by Val.
Noticed I can respond on her i'm of..

Koos F said...

Thanks all for the very good wishes. That was a great weekend! Great to sit at Paula's computer and go on blogging - not as usual, her dsl is not there yet.
I had fun publishing the concrete contraption especially because of the lack of refence to size. Glad it worked just as expected.
Let's hope no one runs, bikes or drives into it, these things are inflexible...

And Erik-Jan, as you can see lots of photos (you do have QuickTime, do you?)

Anne-Marie said...

Hi Koos,
Glad you're enjoying the weekend. No lottery needed to enjoy the rustic cabins at my uncle's place. It's really affordable. You can take your barge across the pond and... ;)


Koos F said...

Anne Marie
You make is all so brilliantly simple ;-)

Anthonetta said...

I didn't see the picture too, when I first logged into your blog.
But now I see them, wonderfull and strange,
To me it seemed a grave.
I was wrong.

Nice pictures