Thursday, February 02, 2006

Richmond Riches, Eel Pie Island, Another Pink Car and Family Portrait

To begin with a picture that sums up many of the things I love about Richmond. The beautiful buildings, the sense of affluence, the hustle and bustle and not to forget the strong presence of the Thames as a waterway.
This is the Richmond waterfront, seen downstream from Richmond bridge.

Eel Pie Island on the right, connected with the shore by a footbridge. Another legendary object.

For those who don't take things at face value this pink Cadillac's licence plate says MIS PNK.
Photo shot from the hip in Richmond's Hill Street on September 3, 2005. The old double decker in the background is held together with a long white ribbon. Its destination is WEDDING !? ;-)

Family portrait: clockwise from top left Barry, Jodie, Val and myself. In the middle the most important family member, Sindy.

PS MyVal has started blogging too! Expect special insights on dogs - and from a dog...


elena said...

Hi koos,

Very nice photos, lovely Sindy, ha,ha, she seems to be very happy, there, in the middle....Yes, it is a pity that we didn't say hello in London...You visited many places in Richmond, I just arrived, went to the concert and left...I should have stayed one or two days, but I couldn't get more free days at work and the flight was cheaper :):):)
I'm glad that your son studied Spanish, if he has any doubt with it, let me know and I'll try to help him..
By the way, you knew where Pete lives, what about Roger???
I was very happy when you posted those photos, I had never seen the house before...thank you very much!!!


PS: "Vamos a ver" means "Let's see", though you'll surely know :):)

Anne-Marie said...

Lovely photos, Koos. How nice that you've got Val blogging as well.


Delbut said...

Hi Koos. Beautiful photos of Richmond. It is a nice place.

Yeah, i'm up for playing the tune fot Holiday camp if your take your trousers off!

Max Boyce is damn fine. He was on t.v. the other day. A funny man.

Looking forward to hearing your album soon.

Take care

P.S. the verifivation,qrdhzaxm, is one of the longest ones i've had to type yet! Does it mean anything in Dutch? LOL

E.L. Wisty said...


Oh my this place looks amazing. No wonder Pete likes to live there.

Mary Beth said...

Hi Koos,

What beautiful pictures! Hey, that looks like my kind of town. :) I wonder who's pink limo that was? It's quite a sight - I think I might feel embarassed to exit from something that shade of pink!

As usualy, Sindy is beautiful. :)

Bet On Me said...

Hello Koos,

Would you mind sharing that nice photo of Pink Caddy bearing MIS PNK plate with my collection at

I will credit it with your name and post a link to your blog.

Thank you,


Bet On Me said...

Hello Koos!

Thanks for permission.
Just doublechecking, this must be Richmond in England, am I right?

And how can I contact Debby C in regards to her licence plate photo?

Actually I am moving my collection from blogspot to, so MIS PNK photo is to appear there.


Ptit Mousse said...

Félicitations Koos pour tes merveilleuses photos. Je viens de passer deux heures à me régaler les yeux. Au plaisir de te revoir avec Val à Clabecq.