Friday, February 10, 2006

More Maubeuge

Maubeuge is not an obvious place to go and explore.
One deadly sin in tourism is the lack of an old city centre. Two world wars took care of this. Most of the buildings are post-second world war.
As usual I won't blame you if the lack of visible history -or appealing modern architecture- puts you off. Probably it is my 'core business' to show images of places in such a way that the viewers start resounding with my good feelings . When that happens, it makes me immensely content. The comments are there to testify.

Let's start our walkabout in the heart of Maubeuge that has grown organically around the river Sambre. Luckily there is a lock and dam and what's more, there's a Dutch barge in the lock.

Time for coffee, just up the street. The interior designer seemed to fancy shiny things - so does my camera...

Told you, no architecture to fill history books with, but I love it!

The lock is right under the circle on the map that you get by clicking on the Multimap logo.
Photos Koos Fernhout


Dale said...

Hi Koos!

Thanks for visiting my blog & for the birthday wish!
A day late is no matter at all...
It's always the thought that counts!

Imagine, a photo of a Dutch barge...
Is that a separate canal by the river Sambre where the locks are?
Is there a large difference in elevation that the boats have to pass throught the locks?
The architecture may be nothing to write home about, but the buildings have been cared for. That is obvious &, some day, they will be considered historical...

I liked the "shiny cafe"...

Thanks again.

elena said...

Hi Koos,

Very nice pictures again!!! I love the one of the café...very pop-art, ha,ha...the fronts of the buildings are wonderful....and the Carrefour poster fits very well, that wall couldn't be empty, he,he.....Thanks for telling us about these interesting places...

Anne-Marie said...

The cafe is very cool. Nothing like decor to wake you up.
I like the exterior shot. There is plenty to look at on that little strip alone, architecturally. It doesn't have to be classically beautiful to be eye-catching.


Mary Beth said...

Again, Koos, I immensely enjoy your pictures. I actually did a double take and had to enlarge the bar one and study it a bit before I could discern what was real and what was reflection!

Mike S said...

I did like the pics Koos,it gives me a chance to see other parts of
the world,thank you for showing us.
Let me know if you received the
DVD :o)

Koos F said...

Hi Dale,
Thanks again for your comment! The river looks quite artificial in Maubeuge, what with all the concrete. yet it is just the river, heavily harnessed. The elevation is only moderate, a few metres per lock.

Dear Elena,
I love your mother's paintings, so rich and so warm. What an enviable skill and talent. Have you inherited some of it?
¡ Porque Salamanca es bella !
Another piece of the world that is totally different. Wonderful.

Hi Anne-Marie,
I identify with your comment about plenty to look at on that little strip alone. Maubeuge and surroundings keep almost over-feeding my eyes every time.

Hi Mary Beth,
So glad you enjoy the images. One of the reasons for loving this blog thing is the new and unexpected purpose it gives to my photography (but watch out, there are over 3000 pictures in my catalog).

Hello Mike,
Really looking forward to the dvd. Will inform you at once!