Thursday, February 16, 2006


The title 'Treasures' reflects what these images mean to me. It could have been 'New Tele lens' too, for today I received the adapter to make a serious close-up beast out of my digicam. *)
Thanks to this lens I could take the two pictures below.
Around sunset we took the dog for her usual walk along the river Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam. It was not only the new lens, but also something extremely clear in the evening light, that led to these images.
*) The tele converter triples the maximum focal length of my zoom lens to an impressive 255 mm (35 mm equivalent).

About halfway we came across two photographers who, it seems, were enjoying the view and the light just as we were. We do that walk very regularly around that time of day, but this was the first time that happened.
The above picture was taken from this (click on Multimap)
spot in westerly direction.

Guest of the week

The Johanna Jacoba is this week's visitor to our slipway. Built in 1918, she was supposed to spend her life under sail only. It took only a few years before the owners realised that diesel engines justified the investment. This is a type of barge we haven't dealt with on these pages before: Friese maat kast (Frisian size barge, kast is untranslatable) just the size to fit into the locks in the province of Friesland: 31 x 6 m / 100 x 20 ft.

As promised, below you find a picture of the historic fishing vessel Trui, moored up in the Oude Haven awaiting return to her home port Enkhuizen, where she is part of the Zuiderzee Museum collection.

Photos Koos Fernhout


Anne-Marie said...

Nice pictures, Koos.

Have a lovely weekend!


elena said...

Hi koos,

I love The Johanna Jacoba, all the ships and boats look great all together, don't they?? This port reminds me a city in Spain called La Coruña, which is wonderful...It is placed in the north-west...Have you ever had one??


Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
So, the Trui is from Bunschoten.
Just around the corner. I'll find her.
I like the "Johanna Jacoba". It is a pity those ships are too big for our harbour. Maximum width 4.75 meters.
Did you notice my additions on your post "This week on the shipyard" Feb 7. 2006.
Kind regards,

Koos F said...

Hi Anne-Marie
Thanks so much. Hope you had a lovely weekend too.
So. you are invited to The Method - and have tickets for The Who in Berlin! I'm speechless, good for you.
The parallels between you and Val are just amazing, aren't they? Did you know Val has a degree in French (long ago, admitted, needs revival, but still...).

Dear Elena,
I have never been to the Spanish mainland, just the Baleares, well, Mallorca only. What I find on the internet about (L)a Coruña is really appealling.
The people of the Johanna Jacoba were very excited that someone from Spain commented positively on their barge.
They might contact you.

Hi Erik-Jan
Well, I talked to the volunteers. Yes, the old home port is Bunschoten (that is what the 'BU' in BU 130 stands for), but the boat has been part of the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen for years now,
Good news: VallyP's Vereeniging is 3,2m wide, my Luxor 4,5m. We need about 2,1m headroom under bridges, is that available? Most historic barges that I know are wider than 4,75m and higher than ours.


Anthonetta said...

Hi Koos,
Nice picture of the Johanna Jacoba,
tomorrow they will be in the water again. Aad en me painted a few hours for several days with them, the wheather was so bad that we tried to paint between the the rain periods. But most of the work was done by the owners.
I wil call you soon for your help with the links.

Mike S said...


If the DVD hasn't arrived by the
middle of the week I am going to
send another one out then.The
mail system had lost my car insurance payment last month so
I will not be surprised if they
lose this as well.Nice pictures
as usual!

Dale said...

Dear Koos

More wonderful photos!
I particularly like the one of the Johanna Jacoba.
My younger daughter's best friend's name is Jacoba - she is of Dutch descent, of course.
It must be interesting to see who will dock in your front/back yard each week...

I remember Hans Brinker & the Siver Skates...


Koos F said...

Hi Mike
Just managed to send you a mail using a browserr based mail program. Just to make sure: the dvd arrived yesterday and I love it! Thanks a million.

Hi Dale
Your sweet comments always welcome, thanks.
Ach ja, Hans Brinkers and his silver skates. First thing I taught my sons was put fingers in dikes, later taught them skating on silver skates, maybe win gold olympic medals. They weren't successful at either, but became intellectuals. Disappointing of course, but it will have to do.
So if you have any questions about Dutch labour Law or the way the universe is built up, they'll provide the answers. Not really disappointing after all.

My sister's called Jacoba (Cobie) too; come to think of it, the name in my passport is Jacobus (means James in English)

ernie said...

great pics!!

grtz Elke

Erik-Jan said...

Hi Koos,
Would you and Val like an official invitation for the "Naardense Vaardagen" or "Open monumentendag"?
Water depth, 1.10 m. max. at this moment. Max. headroom 3,20 m.
Might take you a day to get here but would be nice. Will be from 6 to 11 sept. 2006.
Kind regards,
(Sorry for a few dutch words in this message)