Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Barge

Recently there have been questions on Rachel Fuller's blog about the barge that is mentioned there and during the In The Attic web tv shows.
This is that barge, called 'Grand Cru', a floating studio, moored on the tidal river Thames, just outside Pete Townshend's studio.
Note the dry patches in the river - it is ebb tide. The barge has its own dry place to sit on. That leads to her leaning slightly forward, hence the producer's chair that rolls away from the mixing console.
Part of the day this is not a floating studio at all...
I have blogged about this subject before
here(2) and
For those who'd like to see more of Richmond, where Pete and Rachel live, look
here(5) and
Photos Koos Fernhout


Sarah Beth said...

thanks for the info! :)

Monsoon said...

Hi there!

Great blog, and thank you so much for all the information. Richmond looks soo lovely!

Take care!

Monsoon :-)

PTfan said...

Thanks Koos. I was hoping to see it again.
I love the working clock you have on your blog! It reminds me that we have a sizable time difference between us.

Monsoon said...

Hi Koos! I just had to say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Nice to get that from Holland.

I have never been to Holland, but I really wish to go there.

I deleted my first entry beacuse I for some reason thought you lived in Amsterdam, don't ask me why. A bit absent minded sometimes maybe?!?

Yeah, it is a weird world sometimes. A doorknob? Really? *lol*

My real name is Eilen, by the way

Love xxx

Michael said...

What a great Barg. Great info too. I never knew he had one. What charactor it has picture oerfect too. I love boats and the ocean too. Im looking to buy a pontoon boat which is basically a flat boat about 29 feet long 12 to 15 feet wide 1 out board 175 hp engine a canopy a couple of bench chairs a round table and a grill. I will use it to go up and down the river and maybe out in the Gulf of Mexico but close to shore. It will be perfect with the boys. Again thanks for the pics....michael :) PS I recorded a couple of songs and posted them...

Dale said...

Dear Koos

I feel honoured to know that I am already informed about "Grand Cru".

I quite like the angle of this photo & your comment about poor Pete sailing away from the controls on his chair...

Do you think Velcro would do the trick?


Koos F said...

The world needs to face this, dear Dale: we lead the way where others can only follow LOL ROFL ;-) (must say I don't mean this, first impressions for newcomers you know...)

The rolling chair was mentioned by SimonT when he hopped over from the barge to the attic for a quick guest apppearance.

I'll let you in on a BIG secret: some say it isn't Pete's barge any more, but Ian Broudie's of the Lightning Seeds, sinds the mid-nineties. You can Google that up by combining Broudie with barge.
But don' tell others hey, we don't want people to be in doubt.

PS Now VallyP beat me at dedicating a page to you!

Koos F said...

HI Dale
Sorry for the 'hey' in my previous post, for a Canadienne that should be 'eh', pronounced as 'huh'.
Bad manners, Koos
(But Rachel made me do it).

Dale said...

Hi Koos

Actually, it's pronounced aay, like "hay", eh.


elena said...

Hola koos!!!

Thanks for sharing!!! Hey, your photos are always soooo beautiful!!!
I'm so sad that I didn't meet you in London...:(:(:(

Good night everyone!!!


Grace said...

Thanks for sharing the photos. Looks like a great place. I have been to Holland before, it is beautiful.

Anne-Marie said...

What a great stroll down memory lane with all the barge shots. I hadn't been reading your blog in early November, so it was nice to see the older posts.

I hope your week is off to a good start. We've started to look seriously at our Euro-vacation, and I hope we'll be able to meet up in one of the "dams". :) I would think you're also getting excited about your African trip.


Gary said...

Wow Koos,
thanks for all the info, I had no idea you actually live on a barge. The rear of Oceanic Studios is not at all what I expected, is that graffitti and plywood in the photo's? or it that the place next door? The inside looked very regal when we were there.

Well, late here, better dash.

Erik-Jan said...

ptfan mentioned the clock. It is still displaying wintertime though.
Just add an hour for CET.

Koos F said...

Hi Gary
In spite of 2 cctv surveillance cameras the back seems to be unprotected from taggers.
The doors are part of where we were. I seem to remember they are the roll-up type. As 'The Boat House' suggests behind them probably rowing boats were stored. This is near the heart of Thames regatta land.

Yes the excitement is there. Never been to Africa before!
It is

land, she'll be my guide (and do the left-side driving!

Hi Michael,
Great plan you have, that'll be an ideal fun boat, especially where you live.
I listened to your music, your voice has a super edge!

Hi Erik-Jan
Unlike Apple Computers, these clockmakers don't know about daylight saving time in Europe. Will have to adjust manually.


Alecia said...

Hi Koos,

Thanks for the comment and barge post/s! Who would have thought you could make a functional recording space on a boat ... a barge no less! Those clever English or is it Dutch! ;-)

BTW - I picked your pocket! Nice watch.

SuperAmanda said...

Hi Koos,
In all kind honesty, these photos are interesting and well intentioned but I would hate to see them fall into the hands of some nutter. In my many years of being a fan I had never seen Oceanic or the boathouse before I found it nicely hidden and when I did visit it was a very sweet surprise...just an observation :)

Koos F said...

Hi Amanda
Indeed, in the hands of nutters this is dangerous info.
However, a few hours of Googling and Multimapping provides you with the same information. The difference lies in my personal nautical angle - and even that I worked out exclusively using the internet.

Anonymous said...

I though that it was Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde' studio now?

Anonymous said...

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